Narrow the Search for Florida Beach Vacation Rental

Seashells by Millhill

beach cottage porch Beach Paradise

You want to take a trip to a warm place.  Florida is perfect.  No need to leave the US, just hop in the car or on a plane and in a few hours you are in the Sunshine State.  But it’s a big state.  And the variety of rentals can be overwhelming.  Which one is right for you?

Of course if you have a specific place in mind – near Disney, or close to relatives – that will narrow down the search.  But many people want a simple getaway to a beautiful beach.  That is my idea of a vacation.

So here are your choices:  1. Rent a condo or apartment on the ocean.  2. Rent a private home on the beach.  3. Rent something just off the beach, but close enough to walk there (this will of course be cheaper).  4. Or maybe you will…

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