You choose: Make a Seashell Topiary or a Sea Glass Topiary

Great DIY project i found on to make with the Seashells, that you found on the beach

Crafts 'n Coffee

Seashells + sea glass = what’s not to like? I would be hard pressed to choose between the two, so today I’m sharing a Seashell Topiary and a Sea Glass Topiary. Both are a beautiful way to add a little beach theme decor to your home. You might even consider mixing it up, and adding nuggets of colorful sea glass to your Seashell Topiary, or vice versa.

seashell crafts and sea glass crafts for beach theme decorating Click through for the tutorial to make the Seashell Topiary. The instructions for the Sea Glass Topiary are below. Both are designed by Kathleen George.

Seashell Topiaries are simply elegant, and adaptable to whatever seashells you have in your stash. The tutorial for the Seashell Topiary is already on Crafts ‘n Coffee. Today, I’ll share the tutorial for the Sea Glass Topiary. Sea glass is not as readily available on the beach, but fortunately, you can purchase it by…

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