Mermaid again


She held him tight. Other water dwellers called him a crocodile, she wondered why?!

She knew he wasn’t a crocodile. He was her time, her joy, her memories. He was everything past!

He wasn’t a crocodile though! He hasn’t harmed her a bit. Its just that he hasn’t moved. He was not dead, he was not sinking. And he was helping her stay afloat!

Her hands were bruised from holding on to his hard skin…it was never easy to hold on to anything anyways…she thought! 

A passerby every now and then called out to her, let go lady let go. You are killing yourself!

What? Are they crazy? She thought. 
Looking around yet again, as she always did when someone passed by. It was still, water, water everywhere, no land to be seen. And how, how could she let go, she did surely drown!

She had come too far into…

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